Hospitalization Data

Georgia DPH lists a number of “hospitalizations” on their COVID-19 COVID-19 Status Report (updated each Wednesday). This is a cumulative number of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 while in the hospital. I focus on daily indicators, like the number of patients currently hospitalized with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Learn more about the two different ways Georgia tracks COVID hospitalizations.

Georgia Hospital Metrics – Updated Daily

Use the tabs at the top of the graph to view:

  • Current COVID Hospitalizations (census of current COVID patients in Georgia hospitals)
  • ER Visits with COVID (% of ER visits with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis)
  • Hospital Capacity & Ventilator Usage (% utilization of ER beds, inpatient beds, ICU beds, and ventilators)
  • Change Trends in COVID Hospitalizations (average daily change in confirmed COVID hospitalizations)

Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations (aka Hospital Census)

Hospital census numbers include anyone hospitalized with COVID (patients at the hospital for other reasons), not necessarily for COVID. Several sources have shown around a third of patients hospitalized with COVID are there for reasons not due to COVID (labor & delivery, injuries, etc.). For the hospital capacity numbers above, this includes ALL patients (not just COVID patients). The vast majority of the beds utilized in hospitals are for non-COVID patients. The CDC web site provides current COVID hospitalizations for other states.

ER Visits for COVID-19

The CDC has a data dashboard showing graphs over time of ER visits with Diagnosed COVID-19 that you can filter by state (choose Georgia from the drop-down), and separate by age group. I include a tab above showing the daily numbers and the 7-day average line for Georgia, but if you want to see the age breakdowns or data for other states, visit the CDC web site. (Note that there was a historical change for Georgia’s data for mid-to-late January. I’m not certain the reason for this, but I did not go back and change these numbers. In my data/graphs, I left them as they were initially reported.)

Daily New Admissions of COVID Patients

The CDC/HHS also collects and reports daily new COVID admissions (broken down by age group).

Regional Hospital Metrics

Georgia operates the COVID-19 Georgia Geospatial Data Hub for state-wide and regional hospitalization data, updated daily. This is my source for the Current COVID Hospitalizations and Hospital Capacity graphs above. However, the state web site also allows you to view this data by hospital region in Georgia. Select your region from the drop-down in the top-right corner to filter the graphs to show hospital data for that region.

New Hospital & ICU Admissions – Updated Weekly

As of April 20, 2022, this data is updated weekly by GA DPH, and is based on date of report, not date of admission in the hospital or ICU, so there are lags and inconsistencies in the data. However, it can be useful for viewing high-level trends if you ignore the noise.

The top graph above tracks the number of new hospitalization cases added to the Total Hospitalizations on the DPH site each week. The bottom graph is the number of new ICU cases added to the Total ICU Cases on the DPH site each week. The data reporting used to be very laggy (see the big spikes), but I think DPH has improved the timeliness of the reporting so that the data is more valuable now. Learn more about the two different ways Georgia tracks COVID hospitalizations.