Hospitalization Data

Georgia Covid Hospitalizations – Updated Weekly

Note that hospital census numbers include anyone hospitalized with COVID (patients at the hospital for other reasons), not necessarily for COVID. Many patients hospitalized with COVID are there for reasons not due to COVID (labor & delivery, trauma, surgeries, other illnesses, etc.).

Additional State-Level Hospital Data on the CDC Website

New Hospital & ICU Admissions – ARCHIVED 5/10/2023

The top graph below tracks the number of new hospitalization cases added to the Total Hospitalizations on the GA DPH site each week, and the bottom graph is the number of new ICU cases added to the Total ICU Cases on the GA DPH site each week. This data is based on date of report, not date of admission, so there are lags and inconsistencies in the data. I recommend using the metrics shown above from the CDC, but I continue to track this metric, because the cumulative numbers appear prominently on the Georgia DPH Status Page. Learn more about the two different ways Georgia tracks COVID hospitalizations.