About Kelley

I have been analyzing Covid data since May 2020. My interest originally was Georgia data so that I could better understand and communicate to others about our local metrics. However, I was also passionate that we should not keep children out of school past Spring 2020, which already felt like too long, so I began reviewing and sharing data about school reopening in Europe and elsewhere, as well as data about the low risk to children, and the need to return things back to normal for children without masks, distancing, and other restrictions.

I went to college at Emory University, and majored in Psychology and Educational Studies. I do not have a background in epidemiology, but I am a bit of a data geek and have spent my career in information technology. I have worked in the IT field for 25 years, in roles such as Technical Writer, Research & Database Manager, and IT Regulatory Compliance Manager. More recently, I have been working as an independent IT consultant and photographer. I’ve always been known as someone who could quickly research and digest new information and then communicate that data to others, which describes much of what I’ve done with Covid data.

I created this site to share the Georgia Covid data with others, and I continue to update the site weekly with local Georgia Covid data. I have also added data and analysis on the impact of Covid in children and teens, including pediatric hospitalizations and pediatric mortality, which have often been misrepresented online and in the media.

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