NOTICE: Now that Georgia DPH has moved to weekly reporting, I am making some changes to this web site and my data visualizations. Daily case reporting ended Friday, April 15, and weekly reporting began Wednesday, April 20.

Current hospitalizations are still being updated daily. Other data is updated weekly by GA DPH on Wednesdays. My web site will be updated Wednesday or Thursday with the week’s new data. Weekly overviews and other news throughout the week will be available under Latest Updates in the top navigation.

Current Hospitalizations – Updated Daily

Below is a graph of the number of COVID positive patients currently in Georgia hospitals, as well as the number of Patients Under Investigation (possible COVID cases without a positive test). I’m not sure how a PUI is determined, and some hospital regions in Georgia seem to categorize a lot more patients as PUI than others, so I focus mostly on the COVID positive patients. See more Hospitalization graphs and data.

Weekly Overview

Weekly Cases per 100K – Updated Weekly

For the county-based COVID-19 Community Level and COVID-19 Transmission Level maps, the CDC uses a metric of weekly cases per 100K people, using total cases (PCR and antigen combined), which is the blue line on the graph. This graph shows the state-wide weekly cases per 100K for Georgia. Note that this data is by report date, which is subject to data artifacts from delayed reporting or data dumps from labs (like the one on 3/30 – 3/31/22). This is also an issue with the CDC county level data. See more Cases & Testing graphs.

Test Positivity – Updated Weekly

County/Regional Data


What are antigen cases?

Antigen cases are positives from rapid tests. Antigen positives are probable cases per the CDC, which is why they are separated out from confirmed (PCR) cases on the DPH site. Most my maps and graphs include antigen cases (often shown as total cases with confirmed and antigen cases combined), but some data is only available for confirmed cases.

What are probable deaths?

GA DPH also reports probable deaths. These are deaths that are linked to COVID in some way, either an antigen positive, or some other epidemiological link, but without a positive PCR test. Most my maps and graphs include antigen cases (often shown as total deaths with confirmed and probable combined), but some data is only available for confirmed deaths.

Is there data available on flu, RSV, and other viruses in Georgia?

GA DPH puts out a weekly report on Georgia Influenza Activity, which also includes data on RSV and other viruses.