Cases & Testing – ARCHIVED

Weekly Cases per 100K – ARCHIVED 5/17/2023

For the county-based COVID-19 Community Level and COVID-19 Transmission Level maps, the CDC uses a metric of weekly cases per 100K people, using total cases (PCR and antigen combined), which is the blue line on the graph. This graph shows the state-wide weekly cases per 100K for Georgia. Note that this data is by report date, which is subject to data artifacts from delayed reporting or data dumps from labs. This is also an issue with the CDC county level data.

Test Positivity – ARCHIVED 5/10/2023

The graph below shows the 7-day aggregate test positivity for PCR and antigen testing by collection date, which avoids any issues from old test data being reported late. The most recent few days are excluded due to incomplete data. Note that PCR testing can remain positive for up to 3 months after initial infection.

Case Epicurve by Age Group – ARCHIVED 5/10/2023

The graph below shows age-based data for confirmed (PCR) COVID cases. Additional age-based data is available from GA DPH:

  • GA DPH COVID-19 Dashboard – case/hospitalization/death demographics, cases by age over time (by report date) – UPDATED WEDNESDAYS ~3PM
  • COVID County Indicator Reports – case/hospitalization/death data by age over time (by date reported and by event date) – UPDATED THURSDAYS