Kids & Covid

From the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve known that children are at the lowest risk of severe Covid outcomes, and yet in many cases, they have had some of the strongest restrictions, with closed schools, mask mandates, school testing and quarantine/isolation policies, and vaccine mandates in some cities to participate in sports or go to certain public places. In many instances, kids have struggled and suffered as a result of these restrictions on their lives. While some argue these restrictions are necessary to protect children, others, like myself, argue that it’s more important not to rob children of their precious childhoods. We should celebrate their low risk and allow them full access to school, activities, events, travel, etc., without onerous restrictions on their lives.

Hospitalizations (CDC/HHS Data)

Below are links to view some of the current data from CDC/HHS on pediatric hospitalizations. I’m hoping to get some of this data directly on my web site soon.

Deaths (National Data)

See my page on Pediatric Covid Mortality for information on deaths of children with Covid-19.

Pediatric News & Analysis