Weekly Testing Data

Week Ending
New CasesViral Tests *Antibody Tests *% Positive Tests *
March 281,8597,03126.4%
April 43,79415,24324.9%
April 115,99925,42123.6%
April 185,68223,02924.7%
April 255,37544,270
2,214 (5%)12.1%
May 25,10555,786
5,577 (10%)9.2%
May 94,26560,524
7,868 (13%)7.0%
May 164,62685,745
12,862 (15%)5.4%
May 235,030132,468
33,116 (25%)3.8%
May 304,08986,104
16,198 (prior to 5/27)
6,968 (after 5/27)
Total: 23,166 (27%)
June 65,02868,01915,0915.7%**
June 135,44276,82313,5116.6%**
June 207,00888,90824,7187.7%
June 2711,176101,22514,09710.4%
July 418,334136,54615,82812.3%

* Estimated Antibody Testing

In late May, it was discovered that GA DPH was including antibody testing in total test numbers. On May 27, they reported that 77,835 antibody tests are included in the total tests. I deducted a rough guess of the number of antibody tests that each week from April 19-May 30 might include, weighted much more heavily to later weeks, assuming that antibody testing expanded as as total test numbers surged in Georgia, in order to estimate percent positive. Even after removing estimated antibody tests, there were still huge increases in testing from May 10 – 23. Numbers in italics are based on my antibody testing estimates.

** % Positive Methodology Change

Starting with the week ending June 6, we know the number of PCR and antibody tests without estimating because DPH began providing total viral tests and antibody tests daily.

However, we learned on June 2 that testing totals only include tests that are reported electronically to DPH. Some cases are reported to GA DPH outside of the electronic reporting system via fax/email/phone, and they don’t know how many total tests were done to identify those cases. As a result, I now calculate % positive from electronically reported testing numbers only. As a result, the % positive for the week of June 6 is an estimate because we don’t have electronic reporting data for the full week.

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