Hospitalization Data

Georgia DPH lists a number of “hospitalizations” on their COVID-19 Daily Status Report. This is a cumulative number of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 while in the hospital. Georgia separately reports the number of patients currently hospitalized with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Learn more about the two different ways Georgia tracks COVID hospitalizations.

Current Hospitalizations

I wish we had more insight into the current hospitalizations, like how many people are hospitalized with COVID (patients at the hospital for other reasons) versus for COVID, and what kind of beds these patients are in (are they in the ER, the ICU, etc.?). In North Dakota, data indicates almost a third of COVID hospitalizations are there for reasons not due to COVID (labor & delivery, injuries, etc.)

Also, keep in mind for the hospital capacity numbers above, the vast majority of the beds utilized in hospitals are for non-COVID patients. Most patients in the hospital are there for reasons other than COVID.

ER Visits for Respiratory Illnesses

The CDC has a data dashboard showing graphs over time of ER visits for Respiratory Illness that you can filter by state (choose Georgia from the drop-down). It shows ER visits for COVID-Like Illness (CLI), Influenza-Like Illness (ILI), Pneumonia, and Shortness of Breath. I show the data for CLI visits, along with a 7-day average line in the graph above.

National Hospital Data

See my graphs of HHS hospitalization data for the entire US to see where Georgia compares to other states.

Regional Hospital Data

Two new resources are now available from the COVID-19 Georgia Geospatial Data Hub for state-wide and regional hospitalization data! These are updated multiple times a day. The first dashboard has graphs that answer some of the questions I’ve had about the current hospitalization number – how many people are under investigation for COVID, as well as what regions are these patients in. For both of these, select your region from the drop-down in the top-right corner to filter the graphs to show hospital data for that region.

For more local hospitalization data, see the hospital data dashboards above or view my list of hospitals that share patient or testing metrics.

New Hospitalizations & ICU Admissions

The top graph above tracks the number of new hospitalization cases added to the Total Hospitalizations on the DPH site each day. The bottom graph is the number of new ICU cases added to the Total ICU Cases on the DPH site each day. The data reporting used to be very laggy (see the big spikes), but I think DPH has improved the timeliness of the reporting so that the data is more valuable now. Learn more about the two different ways Georgia tracks COVID hospitalizations.