Cases & Testing Graphs

I put together a dashboard of interactive graphs that show the daily change in Georgia’s coronavirus cases, testing, and % positive rate over time.

The graph below shows the 7-day aggregate test positivity for PCR and antigen testing by collection date, which shows the most recent test data only and excluded any hiccups due to old data being reported late. The most recent few days are excluded due to incomplete data.

This graph shows testing and cases on the same graph, with the scale for testing 10x cases. This means that when cases are higher than the testing line, it corresponds to positivity >10% and when the testing line is higher than cases, it corresponds to positivity <10%. I find this an easy way to see at a high level how cases and testing are moving in relation to each other.

Finally, it’s important to remember that reported by dates for cases don’t necessarily match case data by symptom onset date (or test date when we don’t have onset date). Here’s how the 7-day averages for the two series compare.

See how the epicurve of confirmed (PCR) cases has changed over time to understand why it’s important to view the final weeks of the epicurve with caution. You can also see how much backfill reporting during the peak was added with the data dumps during weeks ending Feb. 27 and Mar. 6 (the gaps below the orange and light blue lines at the peak of the graph).