Cases & Testing Graphs

I put together a dashboard of interactive graphs that show the daily change in Georgia’s coronavirus cases, testing, and % positive rate over time.

Background on Testing Levels:

Testing increased dramatically after Georgia DPH announced on Thursday, May 7th that anyone in Georgia can get tested for COVID, even without symptoms, and Governor Kemp encouraged Georgians to get tested. At the same time, we saw a slight uptick in cases. However, you can see from this graph our percent positive went from about 10% to about 5% shortly after testing restrictions were lifted, suggesting that the increase in reported cases was due to more accessible testing.

However, testing slowed after the initial rush, and was way down for a full week, which caused our % positive to spike, and our overall % positive stalled out at 10% (revised to 9% due to new reporting data on June 2). We have the capacity for testing, but the demand for testing had decreased significantly. Testing seems to have picked back up in early June, possibly as people who attended protests seek to get tested.

Important notes about this data:

  • Daily testing numbers prior to May 28 are my estimates of viral/PCR testing with antibody testing removed. This also affects the 7-day average of daily tests and the % positive calculations. Read more about this adjustment.
  • The method I use for % positive calculations changed when Georgia started reporting metrics for viral/PCR tests that are electronically reported. Some confirmed cases are reported by outside the electronic system, and we do not have testing numbers from those sources, so our total test numbers are actually under-reported. Beginning June 2, I calculate % positive from only electronically reported viral/PCR tests and positives. Read more about how Georgia reports testing data.