Regional COVID Data

Cases by Region

The graph below shows age-based data for COVID cases (confirmed and antigen) by four major geographical regions of the state. I’ve used this to track previous waves, but Omicron is behaving a bit differently than previous waves so I have an alternate view to track Omicron spread by region further down this page.

  • The first graph is by report date, and shows the 7-day average on top half, and the individual raw case counts for each day on the bottom half. This allows you to see what is most influencing the daily trends in state-wide reported cases.
  • The second is the 7-day moving average per 100K by case onset date. This allows you compare the relative case rates between regions, adjusted for population.

Regional Omicron Spread

Omicron started first in Atlanta, likely due to our direct flights on Delta to/from South Africa. I grouped the state into slightly different regions due to the way Omicron spread, so you can see how it started later further from Atlanta. See more local and regional data.

Hospital Region Hot Spots