COVID-19 Maps

I’ve put together a couple of different county-based map visualizations to show recent trends in cases. I also have another page with additional resources for local information about coronavirus in your county or region.

I also have a Daily Changes by County page showing the Daily New Cases, Hospitalizations, and Death for each county in Georgia. You can click on a county on the map or use a sortable table with all counties and their data.

Case Rate & Positivity by County

The first map below shows the two-week confirmed case rate (cases per 100K) for cases reported to GA DPH in the past two weeks. Confirmed cases are those with positive PCR tests. It does not include antigen tests. Click on the legend to highlight the counties in that range. Click on a county to see the number of confirmed cases reported in the past two weeks, the two-week case rate per 100K, and the 2-week % Positivity based on the PCR tests collected within the past two weeks. The percentage as well as the total number of tests collected per county is shown. Be aware that the fewer number of tests collected, the less reliable the percent positivity number is. (In small counties where very few tests are performed, this rate can be skewed.)

The second maps shows the CDC’s community transmission metrics, which ranks counties into four color categories based on weekly totals of all cases (PCR and antigen) per 100K, as well as PCR test positivity over the past week. If the two metrics have different ratings, it uses the worse rating. The CDC’s version of this map is here, but the map below is based on data as reported by GA DPH, so it may vary a little from CDC data. If you hover over a county, it will show the maximum number of cases for the Yellow and Blue case rate categories. For some small GA counties, even 1 case per week is too high for the lowest categories.

Daily Average New Cases

I had a request for a graph of daily average new cases by county. This uses ranges similar to the “Key Metrics for COVID Suppression” by Harvard Global Health Institute, although I chose not to include counties with 5 or fewer cases per week. I also divided the bottom two categories into <5 and 5-10 instead of <1 and 1-10. I may revisit this in the future, but wanted to provide some more distinction among counties with lower daily case counts. Many organizations use this metric as a goal post for removing restrictions.

NOTE: There was a dump of antigen cases on 11/10 that are inflating these total numbers, particularly in the metro Atlanta area, until the 11/17 data is reported.

Case Change Trends (Week-over-Week)

I use a sliding color range to discrete groups to better show the size of case changes per county. Dark green counties have case counts that decreased by a lot, and dark red counties have case counts that increased by a lot. Counties with little to no changes week-over-week are light gray.

The maps below are designed to show you where confirmed (PCR) cases have increased or decreased from the previous week. It does not include antigen tests yet, since we don’t have two full weeks of data yet.

  • View the map by raw number of case change per county or the case change per 100K for each county.
  • Click on the legend to highlight the counties in that range.
  • Click on a county to see the number of new cases in the past 7 days, as well as the change from the previous 7 days.