Vaccines in Georgia

I’ve had a lot of questions about vaccines in Georgia, so I created this page to track vaccine progress, and offer resources for those looking to get vaccinated.

Vaccination Progress in Georgia

I am tracking how many administered doses are reported each day to show how vaccinations are progressing in Georgia. This data is by report date, and does not necessarily correspond with when vaccines were actually administered. For more details, go the Georgia DPH COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.

Who is eligible?

As of Monday, March 15, most Georgia adults are now available for the vaccine. This includes:

  • health care workers, police/fire/EMTs
  • residents and staff at long-term care facilities
  • adults 55 or older
  • anyone 16 or older with medical conditions that put them at risk for COVID-19 (including being overweight)
  • educators and staff at daycare, Pre-K, and K-12 schools
  • parents of medically fragile children
  • adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities

For more information, go to

How do I get a shot?

You have many options to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine. Please be patient and check sites frequently to look for open appointments. You can register with multiple places to see where you can get in first.

Results of Vaccinations in Healthcare Workers

We can see the effects of vaccines on reduced rates of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among healthcare workers in Georgia. Healthcare workers were among the first to be vaccinated in the US, beginning in mid-December, and their COVID metrics have fallen faster than the general population since then. Please note this graph is an epicurve by onset date, date of death, and thus the last 2 weeks or more are always incomplete. (I update this graph weekly.)

Results of Vaccinations in Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents were also prioritized for the vaccines. Nursing home cases have dropped off precipitously since the vaccination campaign began in nursing homes. Below is a screenshot of a graph from the CDC web site showing Resident Cases at nursing homes in Georgia. For the latest data, go to the CDC Data Tracker for Nursing Home Residents. Click the button at the top to toggle between the graphs for Cases or Deaths. Then, in the Display by State drop-down, uncheck “Select All” and click the checkbox for GA.

Results of Vaccinations in Georgia Seniors

Seniors 65 and up were added to the eligibility for vaccines in Georgia in early January. The graphs below show confirmed (PCR) cases by age group over time in Georgia. Please note that these graphs are by onset date, and thus the last 2 weeks are always incomplete. The graph does not show the latest week for this reason.